Future – Will

Be a Good Host

Target Structure – Will for decisions, offers, and promises

Duration: 60-90 minutes

In this lesson, students will practice using the modal, will, to make decisions, offers, and promises. First you will introduce the structure of sentences with will, then students will role play a dinner party using prompts provided. After that, they will use a fun hypothetical to practice making decisions, and finally they will put everything together in a dialogue between a waiter or waitress and a customer at a restaurant. This lesson includes a ton of speaking and fun situations to practice this future form.

This lesson is in the following categories: Grammar Classes, The Future

Target Structure

Will Structure

  • Your father will drive you to your guitar lesson.
  • I won’t go to the cinema tonight.
  • Will you get married in a large church?

Will for offers and promises

  • You dropped your bag. I’ll get it.
  • I’ll open a window to give us some air.
  • I won’t tell anyone your secret.

Will for decisions in the moment

  • It’s raining, so I won’t walk home today.
  • I’ll have the chicken for my main course.


Vocabulary from activities



  • Juan’s Dinner Party (warm up)
  • Future Forms (gap fill)
  • Be a Good Host (speaking and grammar practice)
  • Make a Decision (grammar practice)
  • Lottery Winner (speaking and grammar practice)
  • Prepare a Dialogue (production activity)