Great Debates: Social Media

Great Debates

Lesson Topic: Social Media

Duration: 1 hour – 1.5 hour

Is social media simply a way to connect the world or does it come with side effects? Let your students have it out in this Great Debates lesson.

This lesson is in the following categories: Great Debates

Target Structure

Social Media Expressions

Meet, Know, Get to know

  • We met at university.
  • I have known him for six years.
  • We got to know each other while working on a project.


Social Media Vocabulary

  • influence
  • endorse
  • connect
  • platform
  • online
  • offline
  • social network
  • influencer


  • Social Media Addiction Quiz (warmup)
  • Social Media Facts (vocabulary and reading)
  • Real Social Media Facts (reading comprehension)
  • Gap Fill (grammar practice)
  • Debate (speaking)