Second Conditional

Second Conditional

Target Structure: Second Conditional

Lesson Topic: Zombie Apocalypse

Duration: 1 hour – 1.5 hour

What would you do if there were a zombie apocalypse? Use this fun What-If scenario to introduce the second conditional. In this lesson, your students will see how well they would survive the zombies, fight for tools, and elect a new post-apocalypse leader. This isn’t your ordinary grammar lesson.

This lesson is in the following categories: Conditionals, Grammar Classes

Target Structure

Second conditional

  • If zombies attacked, I would hide in the attic.
  • I would ride a bicycle if I had to escape.

Questions in the second conditional

  • How would you protect people if you were elected?


Vocabulary from text

  • to stock up
  • to run out
  • to draw attention
  • a gas guzzler
  • stranded
  • to outpace
  • wilderness
  • alliance
  • machete


  • In the Forest (Warm Up)
  • Survivability Quiz (grammar introduction and speaking)
  • Expert Survival Advice (reading)
  • Vocabulary (matching)
  • Fill in the gaps (grammar practice)
  • Resourcefulness Test (speaking, grammar practice)
  • New World Leader (speaking, grammar practice)
  • Extra Activity (writing)