Present Perfect – Introduction

A Long Career

Target Structure: Present Perfect Tense

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Introduce the present perfect tense by taking a look at a man’s retirement party where his friends talk about all the things he has done in his life. Your students will learn to form the past participle of common regular and irregular verbs, review some less-common professions, read and understand a text, and finally give a speech in front of the class.


This lesson is in the following categories: Grammar Classes, Present Perfect

Target Structure

Past Participle Formation

  • go, went, gone
  • grow, grew, grown
  • act, acted, acted

Present Perfect Tense

  • I have taught a lot of people.
  • We have seen many things together.


Vocabulary from text

  • accomplishment
  • copilot
  • sightseeing
  • cuisine
  • accident
  • malfunction

Profession vocabulary

  • coffee barista
  • famous actress
  • English teacher
  • fiction writer
  • airline pilot
  • professional footballer
  • zookeeper
  • inventor



  • Warm Up
  • On the Job (grammar practice)
  • Match the professions
  • The Pilot (reading)
  • Comprehension
  • Have you ever (grammar practice)
  • Your Retirement Party (grammar practice)
  • Give a Speech (speaking activity)