Past Tense – Regular

A Trip to New York

Target Structure: Past tense of regular verbs (affirmative and negative)

Lesson Topic: A Trip to New York

Duration: 1 hour – 1.5 hours

In this intriguing lesson you will introduce the past tense to your students and begin giving them the tools to tell about things that have happened to them in the past. We will talk about our main character’s trip to New York with his family, then students will practice writing about their own vacations and holidays.

This lesson is in the following categories: Grammar Classes, Past Tense

Target Structure

Past tense of regular verbs

  • visit – visited
  • walk – walked

Pronunciation of the past tense

  • /d/ – named, traveled
  • /t/ – liked, helped
  • /id/ – wanted, decided

Negative Past Tense

  • I didn’t walk to work.
  • We didn’t watch a musical.


Common Regular Verbs for Travel

  • decide
  • cross
  • watch
  • travel
  • stay
  • visit
  • try
  • want
  • walk
  • help
  • like
  • ask


  • Warm Up Discussion
  • A Trip to New York (gap fill)
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Past Tense Pronunciation
  • Positive and Negative (grammar practice)
  • Your Last Vacation (writing)