Past Tense – Irregular

Last Weekend

Target Structure: Past tense of irregular verbs and past questions

Lesson Topic: Last Weekend

Duration: 1 hour – 1.5 hours

Use this lesson to introduce the past simple tense of irregular verbs to your students. They will read about our main character’s first date, then interview their classmates to learn about what they did the previous weekend.

This lesson is in the following categories: Grammar Classes, Past Tense

Target Structure

Past tense of irregular verbs

  • run – ran
  • eat – ate
  • fly – flew

Past tense questions

  • Did you go to the cinema?
  • Did they have mushrooms on their pizza?

Short answers in the past

  • Yes, I did.
  • No, they didn’t.


Common irregular verbs

  • run – ran
  • drive – drove
  • speak – spoke
  • fly – flew
  • drink – drank
  • eat – ate
  • wear – wore
  • go – went
  • have – had


  • Past Tense Review (warm up)
  • Fill in the Gaps (grammar practice)
  • Austin’s First Date (reading)
  • Comprehension (grammar practice)
  • Interview (grammar and speaking practice)
  • Conclusions (writing)

Grammar Notes

Answer Key

Lesson Plan