Past Continuous – Introduction

What were you doing?

Target Structure: Past Continuous Tense

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Take a look at Mark, a regular working fellow, who has a morning routine that he does every day. Teach your class to talk about what he was doing at different points throughout the day using the past continuous tense. This lesson includes a warm up, a listening activity to introduce the topic, grammar practice, and ultimately a speaking practice activity. By the end of this class, your students will be able to use the past continuous tense with confidence to talk about what was happening at point in the past.

This lesson is in the following categories: Grammar Classes, Past Tense

Target Structure

Past continuous tense

  • I was having breakfast at 9:00.
  • She was working at 5:00.

Telling time review

  • half past one
  • quarter to five
  • six o’clock


Morning activities

  • wake up
  • get up
  • have/take a shower
  • eat/have breakfast
  • work out
  • do exercise
  • brush one’s teeth
  • read the newspaper
  • go to work


  • Vocabulary Blitz (warm up)
  • Mark’s Morning (listening and grammar practice)
  • At the Park (grammar practice)
  • I think you were… (speaking practice)
  • What were they doing (extra activity)