How Often

Adverbs of Frequency

Target Structure: Adverbs of frequency and questions with How Often

Duration: 60 -90 minutes

Continue the conversation about the present tense by teaching your students how to talk about how often they do common actions. In this lesson, they will take a look at some common activities that people do, read a text about a girl living in Seattle, and learn and practice adverbs of frequency, sentence structure, and questions with How often. Then, they will interview their classmates to see how often they do some common activities.

This lesson is in the following categories: Grammar Classes, Present Tense

Target Structure

Adverbs of Frequency

  • always
  • almost always
  • often
  • usually
  • sometimes
  • rarely
  • hardly ever
  • never

Sentence structure with adverbs of frequency

  • He is rarely late for class.
  • We always go to the cinema on Fridays.

How often questions

  • How often do you drink coffee?
  • How often does she go to the cinema?


Common activities 

  • drink tea
  • drink coffee
  • play the guitar
  • go to the cinema
  • listen to music
  • run
  • cook
  • talk on the phone
  • hike / go hiking
  • trek / go trekking


  • Vocabulary introduction
  • Adverb of frequency matching
  • Life in Seattle (reading with comprehension)
  • Fill in the gap (grammar practice)
  • How often (grammar practice)
  • Interview your classmates (speaking)