Causative Verbs

Causative Verbs: Make, Have, Get, Let

What language do we use when we want something to happen and another person does it for us? What is the difference between making someone do something, having them do it, and letting them do it? Let’s clear all this up with this simple Causative Verb lesson plan.

This lesson is in the following categories: Grammar Classes

Target Structure

Causative verbs in Active Voice


  • We had the mechanic fix the engine.


  • I got the company to give us a refund.


  • My parents made me do my homework when I got home from school.


  • Our teacher doesn’t let us eat in class.


  • Vocabulary from text
  • Professions


  • Warm Up
  • Getting some help (grammar practice)
  • Doc Vai (gap fill)
  • When I was a child…(rewriting sentences)
  • The Football Coach (writing)
  • Family Meeting (speaking practice)
  • Extra Activity (just in case)