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What are the benefits of joining Zippylessons?

For Teacher By Teachers

All of our lessons are developed by professional ESL teachers and content creators. 

CEFR Guidelines

The target structures and vocabulary covered in each lesson are based on the needs of students according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Stay on Track

We include a lesson plan with time recommendations in each lesson.  Stick to our schedule or make your own, it’s up to you.

Constant Improvement

Unlike traditional textbooks, we constantly improve our library with new lessons and updates to old material. There’s no need to purchase a second, third, or fourth edition of the same textbook.

Complete Lessons

Our lessons are designed to introduce new information in a logical, progressive way. Each lesson starts with a warm up, introduces and practices learning objectives, and ends with a oral or verbal production activity. By the end of each class, students have actually used what they’ve learned.

Great for New and Experienced Teachers

Each lesson includes a grammar explanation and step by step instructions for teaching it. Make sure you know exactly what to say before you ever step foot in the classroom.

What comes with each lesson?

Student Version

Each lesson contains a student version with everything your students need for class. All activities, instructions, illustrations, and texts are included.

Teacher Version

Each lesson also contains a teacher version complete with an answer key, detailed lesson plan, and teaching notes to make sure you’re always prepared for class.

Just Download, Print, and Teach

Did you know that ESL teachers spend as much time planning lessons as giving them? We think that should change, which is why we’ve created these high-quality, downloadable lesson plans for the ESL classroom.

Types of Lessons We Offer

General English

A1 – B2

Each class contains a grammar element and a theme to keep the whole class relevant. Follow the plan and guide your students to learning the elements of English that they need!

Business English

B2 – C1

These advanced lessons cover English for business purposes. Your students will learn the elements of English that they are likely to need in the world of international business.

Great Debates

B2 – C1

Get your students out of their shells by locking them in engaging debate. Each lesson introduces a controversial topic and ends in a fierce debate.

Featured Lessons

Here’s what our happy teachers have to say

“My adult students love the debate classes. I can’t think of a better way to get them to pay attention than to engage them in a controversial debate, and these lessons accomplish just that.”

Fernando Villasmil

Madrid, Spain

“I’ve used textbooks throughout my entire career as an ESL teacher, but I’ve always felt like there should be a better way. With Zippylessons, I have access to tons of different lesson types, levels, and areas of interest, and it is much less expensive than using a textbook.”

Theresa Murphy

North Carolina, United States

“Using Zippylessons lets me spend less time planning lessons. I get to add more students to my private class schedule, which means more money in my pocket at the end of the month.”

Tom Chell

Sheffield, England

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