Take your planning time back!

With our high-quality ESL lessons, you will never have to spend hours planning lessons again. Just download, print, and teach!

We Make It Easy

All the activities you need to deliver a great lesson can be found right inside one of our ZippyLessons. Use our lesson plan and teaching instructions, or adapt the class to fit your needs. It’s up to you. From start to finish, we’ve got you covered!

Zippylessons gave me the chance to take on more classes since I didn’t have to spend all my time planning the ones I had.

Tom – Sheffield, United Kingdom

For Teachers, By Teachers

Lessons are designed by English teachers like you. They follow TEFL guidelines and focus on helping students to use a wide range of English. The target structures and vocabulary covered in each lesson are based on the needs of students according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Rest assured that the material your students are learning is exactly what they need!

Teacher’s Eyes Only

A teacher’s copy, complete with an answer key, a detailed lesson plan, and tips for teaching difficult topics, is included with each lesson. It couldn’t be easier to deliver a great class!

What will you do with your extra time?

English teachers spend as much time PLANNING lessons as they do GIVING them. With Zippylessons, that stops now. Just find the lesson you want, print it out, and you’re ready to go.